Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat

Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat

von: Unknown

Taylor and Francis, 2005

ISBN: 9781840765274

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Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat


This book enables readers to reach a fast and accurate diagnosis of ear disease in the dog and cat and then to manage the treatment. Ear disease, particularly otitis externa is a common condition presented in veterinary practice and is not always obvious to the pet owner. Other vital conditions covered include otitis media, vestibula syndrome or acquired conducive deafness which, although less commonly seen in practice, can be devastating to the animal concerned.All three authors are actively involved in the diagnosis and management of ear disease, both in first opinion and referral practice. Between them, they encompass the three major disciplines necessary-dermatology, neurology, and surgery. Illustrated throughout with superb color photographs and fully referenced, this book will be of value to veterinarians in both training and practice.