UML for Real

UML for Real

von: Luciano Lavagno, Grant Martin, Bran Selic

Springer-Verlag, 2003

ISBN: 9780306487385 , 369 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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UML for Real


The Unified Modeling Language is rapidly gaining acceptance as the mechanism of choice to model complex software systems at various steps of their specification and design, using a number of orthogonal views that illustrate use cases, class diagrams and even detailed state machine-based behaviors of objects.

UML for Real: Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems aims to show the reality of UML as a medium for specification and implementation of real-time systems, illustrating both the current capabilities and limits of UML for this task, and future directions that will improve its usefulness for real-time and embedded product design. It will also cover selected applications examples. The book is an edited volume of solicited chapters. The table of contents covers:

-UML and the Real-time/Embedded Domain, with chapters on the role of UML in software development and on UML and Real-Time Systems. -Representing Key Real-Time Concepts with UML, with chapters on logical structure, on modeling system-level behavior using MSCs and extensions, on platform modeling, on hardware and software object modeling, on fine-grain and high-level patterns for real-time systems, on modeling Quality Of Service and metric time, and finally on performance and schedulability analysis using UML.

-Specific Applications, with chapters on UML in the automotive and telecom domains.
-Process and Tools, with chapters on software performance engineering and on UML tools for real-time processes.