Proteoglycans in Lung Disease

Proteoglycans in Lung Disease

von: Hari G. Garg

CRC Press, 2002

ISBN: 9780824743666

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Proteoglycans in Lung Disease


Discusses new treatment strategies for malignant mesothelioma, pulmonary edema, fibrosis, asthma, emphysema, and bronchiectasis.Proteoglycans in Lung Disease considersglycosaminoglycans as novel therapeutic agents or targets in lung disease the role of proteoglycans in determining mechanical behavior of lung tissue hyaluronan and its receptors in wound healing, inflammation, vasculogenesis, and angiogenesis the impact of small proteoglycans on matrix assembly versican as a modulator of cell adhesion, migration, and proliferation antiproliferative activity of heparin and its derivatives on pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells the effects of mechanical strain on proteoglycans the functions of proteoglycans in the vascular wall the effect of hypoxia on glycosaminoglycans in the lung Comprised of more than 1940 references, Proteoglycans in Lung Disease