Human Respiratory Viral Infections

Human Respiratory Viral Infections

von: Sunit K. Singh

Taylor and Francis, 2014

ISBN: 9781466583214

Format: PDF

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Human Respiratory Viral Infections


Using a multidisciplinary approach, Human Respiratory Viral Infections is set at the level between the definitive reference work and an essential clinical manual. Exploring recent advances in human respiratory viral research, the text builds on the basic sciences of epidemiology, virology, molecular biology, and immunology to cover clinical diagnosis, mechanism of pathogenesis, manifestations of disease, impact, treatment, and management strategies.Provides a comprehensive review of all the major human respiratory viral infectionsSupplies a detailed description of the anatomy of the respiratory systemDiscusses the salient features of specific virusesExamines the latest diagnostic toolsCovers risk factors associated with incidence of respiratory viral infections in children and adults in different occupational and environmental settingsPresenting the latest knowledge in human respiratory viral infections, this text will be immensely valuable for pulmonologists, biomedical scientists, research scholars, virologists, vaccinologists, immunologists, clinicians, pharmacologists, and public health specialists.