Body Sensor Networks

von: Guang-Zhong Yang

Springer Verlag London Limited, 2014

ISBN: 9781447163749 , 580 Seiten

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Body Sensor Networks


The last decade has witnessed a rapid surge of interest in new sensing and monitoring devices for wellbeing and healthcare. One key development in this area is wireless, wearable and implantable in vivo monitoring and intervention. A myriad of platforms are now available from both academic institutions and commercial organisations. They permit the management of patients with both acute and chronic symptoms, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, treatment of epilepsy and other debilitating neurological disorders. Despite extensive developments in sensing technologies, there are significant research issues related to system integration, sensor miniaturisation, low-power sensor interface, wireless telemetry and signal processing.In the 2nd edition of this popular and authoritative reference on Body Sensor Networks (BSN), major topics related to the latest technological developments and potential clinical applications are discussed, with contents covering.Biosensor Design, Interfacing and NanotechnologyWireless Communication and Network TopologiesCommunication Protocols and StandardsEnergy Harvesting and Power DeliveryUltra-low Power Bio-inspired ProcessingMulti-sensor Fusion and Context Aware SensingAutonomic SensingWearable, Ingestible Sensor Integration and Exemplar ApplicationsSystem Integration and Wireless Sensor MicrosystemsThe book also provides a comprehensive review of the current wireless sensor development platforms and a step-by-step guide to developing your own BSN applications through the use of BSN development kit.