Myofascial Release Manual, Fourth Edition

Myofascial Release Manual, Fourth Edition

von: Carol Manheim

SLACK Incorporated, 2008

ISBN: 9781617114465

Format: ePUB

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Myofascial Release Manual, Fourth Edition


Continuing the tradition that started over 20 years ago and with a new focus on the current terminology regarding each technique, The Myofascial Release Manual is now available in a completely updated and comprehensive Fourth Edition. Carol J. Manheim has taken years of knowledge and expertise and incorporated them with the actual intent and result of the myofascial release treatment techniques to bring to the pages of this Fourth Edition essential information for the student and clinician in search of basic information or wanting to refine more experienced skills of these manual therapy techniques. Features inside the Fourth Edition:Techniques re-titled to reflect the sensation felt by both the therapist and the patientMore than 75 new photographs-Over 450 in totalSome photographs are shown as a series to allow for movement to be seen during some techniquesBolded text to call attention to major warnings, contraindications, and target vital informationItalicized text to call attention to important words and key pointsMore synthesized use of text and photographs to allow for ease of reading and referenceUser-friendly organization throughout the textPhotographs use arrows to show direction of stretch and movement",Carol's Nuggets", of pearls of wisdom are included throughout the textContributions from renowned experts Sam Kegerreis, Robert O. Ward, and Steven NowickiThe Myofascial Release Manual, Fourth Edition continues in the tradition of past editions and presents expert hand placement for the upper quarter, lower quarter, cervical region, abdominal muscles, back muscles, and many more. Sections include:Introduction to Myofascial ReleaseBasic Myofascial Release TechniquesAdvanced Myofascial Release TechniquesEvaluationAdditional ResourcesThe description and photographs in The Myofascial Release Manual, Fourth Edition help the therapist experience the technique, making this the continued go-to reference for students and clinicians in physical therapy, manual therapy, and occupational therapy alike.